Guiding Principles:

The Golden Angel Foundation abides and operates by the following guidelines:

  1. Only organizations that are willing to guarantee funds will be used for helping these children will be funded.
  2. Any youth-serving organization that fit the criteria of our mission can apply or request funds.
  3. Each donor will be given a letter acknowledging their donation with Golden Angel’s federal tax ID number to ensure your donation is tax deductible.
  4. Only 7% of the total funds will be used for administrative purposes.
  5. The president of the foundation (or designee) will visit all funded agencies on a regular basis to ensure that allocated funds are being used appropriately.

The initial budget for starting operations in the Dominican Republic is estimated at $500,000 (some of these funds can be used for helping urgent or compelling needs listed below).

Something to note is that unfortunately, costs for goods and services in the DR far exceed the same goods and services purchased in the States. For this reason, the budget has been set accordingly.

Healthy food for 48 children$115,000/Year
Cleaning supplies, soap, toothpaste, female pads$24,000/Year
Clothes, shoes and toys$50,000/Year
Electric bill$10,000/Year
Additional Staffing to give the girls the care they need$50,000/Year
School supplies$6,000/Year
Social worker$12,000/Year
Administrative Overhead$10,000/Year
10 A/C units, facility renovation, new future including beds$100,000 one time
Vehicle for transportation$80,000 one time
20 Laptops for schooling and education$10,000 one time
4 new Televisions for entertainment$4,000 one time

Total initial budget for Pasitos De Jesus = $476,000

Annual Costs to serve over 2000 kids in addition to Pastoritos De Jesus in the first year after start-up is $315,400 (at $155 per child per year).  In other words, the Foundation will need to raise about $300,000 per year to sustain and/or expand services.

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Relevant DR Efforts…But Needs Continue To Grow:

Alla Lukovic with Leonel Fernandez

Leonel Fernandez for President '24

The DR recently received a United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) grant to help address and reduce poverty for thousands of people and families. However, thousands (kids in particular) continue to fall through the cracks. According to the Resident Coordinator for the pilot program, Maurico Ramirez Villegas, “the unpaid care work of women and girls has increased drastically due to confinement, the closure of schools and nurseries, and the increased needs for the care of vulnerable groups (especially kids). With the support of the Joint Program (SDG), the pilot actions are expected to advance in the recognition, reduction and redistribution of unpaid care work, promoting a shared responsibility and a reinforced role of the State (DR) as guarantor and protector of human rights.”

Thought this is a great step, these pilot programs will take years to reach the vulnerable kids the Golden Angel Foundation will help now.

Another relevant and credible effort involves the World Pediatric Project (WPP) which has been working for several years to address the full spectrum of advanced medical care needs for kids in the DR. They have invested millions of dollars and helped thousands of families and kids, but after the advanced medical care is resolved, many or most of these kids still have need of services unfulfilled. The Golden Angel Foundation will fill the void in specific areas with great needs as illustrated earlier.


girl with no shoes eating

Although there are many needs in the Dominican and various international efforts to help address some of the contributing factors to poverty and homelessness, the final analysis is that the most vulnerable are kids. The needed services to give them a better quality of life however, are still unfulfilled. There are thousands of kids and families with serious needs and this Foundation will focus on many that are falling through the cracks or “forgotten”. Please help us to help…the least of these

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