Alla Lukovik with Dominican girl Children are the future. When we invest in children, we give them the means to escape poverty and improve their lives as well as the lives in their community. Ensuring the success of our generation, their generation and generations to come.

Originally from the country of Ukraine, founder of Golden Angel Alla Lukovic has been a US citizen living in both South Carolina and New York for over 30 years. Over the last five years, Alla has spent time every 3-4 months in the Dominican Republic (DR) on business. During her time there, she has seen first-hand the thousands of kids without housing, healthcare, or access to food.

On one encounter, Alla met a young girl working on the streets selling avocados. She lived off the streets and knew no other option to improve her life. Each time Alla visited the DR, she would find the girl and make sure to invest in her by purchasing avocados for more than the girls was asking. In spite of the young girl's situation, she always seemed to have a smile on her face. Alla was moved by her dedicated spirit under such dire circumstances. She longed to find a way to help the young girl reach her full potential.

girl selling avocados

That young girl is still out there today. Working on the street selling avocados to survive. With your help, we can give her the tools to thrive! With the proper resources, she can improve her life and the life of her family members.

On her travels Alla also met Rachel while visiting a shelter. Rachel had NO SHOES. She was only 3 years old, but she had a smile that would capture any heart. Even without shoes, proper clothing or nutricious food to eat, Rachel had a positive attitude and was eager to treat everyone around her with admiration and respect.

Being confronted with Rachel's situation and the suffering of the surrounding area compelled her to try and help the least of these - God’s kids. Inspired by the you girl with NO SHOES, Alla formed The Golden Angel Foundation to provide children in impoverished, underserved communities the financial support they need to not just survive, but to thrive! The vision is simple; provide the tools every child deserves in order to have the best chance at a successful future.

Isabella The Girl With No Shoes

After much prayer and a strategic pursuit of this goal, the Golden Angel Foundation has been established as an officially recognized 501c3 organization.

Getting our 501c3 status is only the beginning. We now begin the work of bringing change to the lives of these children who desperately need it.

With your help, we can help Rachel and thousands of other children like her have a chance at better life.

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